White Paper

Additional Information


PaisaToken is bridging the PAISAs! PaisaToken was created to bridge the gap between many of the other tokens out there by providing incentives for holding, locked liquidity, fair buy-in, and a community driven use-case. We have created a token whose primary purpose is to raise capital for a charitable donation chosen by the community. While working toward the donation goal, holders can reap the reward of redistributed tokens to their wallets and percentages of total supply burned for every transaction.

PaisaToken’s top priority is to be a project in which raised capital is donated to a charity chosen by the community. After deliberating a method of how we could seek to accomplish this goal, we asked ourselves how we could make the project both fun and rewarding for the community. To accomplish this, we seek to provide holders a more stable price action through transaction fees (10%), which will distribute the trade and split between the PaisaToken holders and liquidity at the percentages outlined below. We want to encourage long term holders who can watch the project grow along with their token balances.


At the forefront, PaisaToken seeks to remain 100% transparent to the community. All transactions pertaining to the community wallet will be driven by the community and for the community, with the primary intention of being used for exchange listings and DApp development. Additional uses of the community wallet include contract audit, website improvements, and marketing.

The charity wallet will be locked for one year from launch. Prior to its unlock date we will ask the community to provide suggestions and vote on one or more charities for PaisaToken to donate to. The donation will be live streamed for the community to see and participate in. The liquidity pool is set to be locked for 1 year and every trade will generate liquidity locked on Pancake. All burned tokens will be sent to the BNB “zero” wallet which has renounced ownership.


Every PaisaToken transaction is charged a 10% fee, which is distributed two important ways.

  • 6% is sent to the Liquidity, which is locked for forever.
  • 4% is distributed as PAISA to all PaisaToken holders.